Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design – week 20

A great example of a magazine issue on the project topic.

This week I will make a mood board, brief strategy and concept, as well as the main design concepts.

My brief strategy:

«Better the World» is a magazine aiming to inspire awareness and change. Therefore, I want to make a front page that grabs attention and indicates the magazine’s content.
The images should be beautiful as far as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of world issues today are worrisome and tiring. We need to be reminded of how wonderful this earth is.

I want most images used to bleed on at least one side. This gives a feeling of them expanding outside the page.
Typefaces should preferably belong to one family. In addition, the articles should be easy to read, and the design should keep the reader interested.

Going for a square magazine gives some exciting compositions.

Getting started:

Here is a Washington Post Magazine issue with 24 front covers on Climate Change, and a great starting point. All of them seak to grab our attention and to say something about the current climate situation.

Here is my Pinterest page. I want a combination of bleeding images and readable pages, packed with information. The page function as my moldboard.

Having done my tutorials and researched magazines I feel suits the subject, I have made a sketch for the main idea for my layout:

I read the articles given to me, found images suitable for them and played around with these in Indesign. Having done so, I made this style guide:

Style Guide:

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