Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design -week 21

This week I finalized my design. I started the week by reviewing my layout. My first magazine layout can be seen in a flippable version here, and as jpegs here:

Front and back pages

I have tried different images for the front page, and I am still unsure about the final decision. I wanted a front page that grabbed our attention had a mix of hope and alarm, and appealed to the reader. Is the final one too gloomy?

This was my first attempt at the front and back pages.
This is my second attempt. Better? I am not sure.

Table of content

First attempt
This is my second attempt. I choose a different picture from NY because the article is about stress less city life. The first image was too busy. I ditched the background colour and changed the font for the caption.

Article pages

The large image with three sides bleeding works well. Have I chosen the right font for the headline, I am not sure. But I stay withing the Eaves family, and t

Here is my final, flippable version.

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