Creating a brief – Week 1

How to save our oceans

  • What is the client’s service/product?

Plastic Pollution Awarness

  • What are their requirements?

Plastic pollution has a mayor impact on our Marine Life. Your job is to create an interactive website for a fictive Non-profit foundation that raises awareness around this. You will need to create your own graphics and text to avoid copyrighting infringement.
The most important part of your website will be the homepage, where you need to create an info-graphic that navigates to more in-depth information.
Keep all the information on the website simple and in an info-graphic style, keeping the viewer engaged.
The website must adapt to all screen sizes.

  • What is the website’s goal?

Raising awarness around plastic pollution in the oceans.

  • How are you going to achieve this goal?

Creating a userfriendly website that makes it easy for the user to help.

Additional points to the list:

  • User persona: Hopefully everyone. But must likely a young adult aware of the situation and wanting to help. Probably a person with medium/higher education and a idealist at heart. The person will probably be busy with work and family, so all information has to be to the point and quickly essable. But the site also want to reach people outside the idealist group. So it should cater to childen/young and grandparents. So basecally two things:
    1. The idealist who need information regarding action and solution.
    2. Educating people and create more idealists.
  • Build the website architecture (so we can see what sections will be needed)

Create a guide using

Information we have to include:

  1. Main page with navigation. Should be instantly inspirational. Perhaps we could have an image of polution and when we hover on parts we solve the problem and restore a healthy ocean. When we click we are taken to the pages with the information.
  2. Information about the company.
  3. Information about the current situation and history.
  4. Solution and how to help.
  5. Contact
  • What is the design style that will be required?

Userfriendlyness and a style that gives hope for the future through the use of colour and elegance. It should be airy, using blues and greens and whites to give the idea of space, nature and air without pollution.

  • What are your suggestions for marketing the site?

Adds in social media and newspapers. Getting the site covered in the news. Making educators talk about it and use it as a tool.

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