Coming Up With a Strategy – week 2


  1. Set up a meeting with a business owner and ask him/her what he/she would want from a website. Also ask him/her what the business strategy is and how the website would fit into it.
  2. Then write a detailed document about this.
  3. I would like you to use the information from this document and create a website architecture.
  4. Now let’s focus on the web design strategy. Your document should justify all the major decisions you make – from the domain registration, hosting, design and target audience through to what you decide in terms of programming.

Fictitious meeting with John Smith from Clean Oceans

Clean Oceans wants to rid the sea of plastics. It does so by these main points of action:

Inspire people to recycle and avoid plastic in their daily lives.
Inspire people to vote for politicians who will get rid of plastic pollution through legislation and agreements.
Lobby towards businesses and politicians, creating awareness.
Cleaning the ocean bit by bit through volunteers.
Support and inspire inventions of harmless plastic substitutes.

The website needs to give information about the situation, our work and how to get involved. In addition, it should hopefully give governments and businesses relevant information as well.

A detailed document on clean oceans

Website Architecture

Web Design Strategy

The form gives the information needed. I only want to add that the domain would preferably be, ut as this is a student project, it will be hosted through my webpage.

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