Mandatory Assignment 02 – Logo


This week’s MA aims to give the new establishment, Food & Malt, a logo that communicates well with its target audience. They want to provide traditional Norwegian food with a new twist, combining it with beers from microbreweries. Focusing on local products, unique beers and Norwegian meals in a modern street food form, designed for the young adult consumer. The logo should communicate these elements.


  • Who are the main market competitors and what is their design like?

The brief gives Naboen, Henrik Øl og Vinstove and Spisekroken as their competition.


Naboen is a combined pub and restaurant, serving traditional brand beers and pub food. The price range is within Food & Malt’s target. The pictures on the web page show groups of young adults. Naboen is, therefore, competing for the same customers. Food & Malt will, therefore, have to push their unique beers and Norwegian street food style to stand out.

Their logo is in one colour, fairly detailed and in a traditional and easily recognizable style.

Henrik Øl og Vinstove:

According to the web page, this establishment serves beverages only. They have a wide range of wines and beers to offer. They are probably not Food & Malt’s main competition.

Their logo is purely font based and gives a high-end impression.


Spisekroken is a traditional restaurant focusing on local products and high-end meals. Their price range is higher than Food & Malt’s target, and the customers aimed for are older. It will probably not give them too much competition.

The logo is traditional and elegant.

  • Product history

The brief gives us the establishment’s background: Food & Malt is a collaboration between two friends, Anders Braathen and Even Vehla. Anders has a background as a master brewer at Brooklyn Brooklyn Brewery in New York and Nøgne Ø brewery in Grimstad. He also worked as a restaurant manager at Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que in Austin, Texas, and as a cook at Rita’s Bar and Diner in London. While abroad, the friends discovered Dude Food as a growing trend. But instead of kebabs and sausages as a meal, customers can enjoy homemade good quality food on the street or at a pub. With their new company “Food & Malt”, Anders and Even want to introduce this food culture to the Norwegian market, whilst combining it with the modern microbrewery trend.

  • Product characteristics

These are the details given in the brief:

Food: Good quality homemade lunches and evening snacks. A great selection of beers complement each meal.

Location: Meat Bazaar

Target Audience: Young urban individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in culture, food, design, trends and the night scene.

Competitors: Naboen, Henrik Øl og Vinstove and Spisekroken.

Positioning Axis: Traditional with a modern twist. Dishes are affordable and range between 150 and 200 NOK.

Style Expressions: Hipster, letterpress, quality, homemade, professional.

Define issue:

  • What defines the target group?

Target Audience: Young urban individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in culture, food, design, trends and the night scene.

  • Which characteristics should the logo have?

Style Expressions: Hipster, letterpress, quality, homemade, professional.

The requirements for the logo are:

  1. It should be simple and easily recognizable
  2. Timeless. Try to use no more than 3 colours
  3. The logo may contain a symbol / figure / ornament. This is optional.
  • The design challenge.

I need to design a logo communicating Food & Malt’s uniqueness, making it stand out in its environment and also be an easily recognisable image locally and possibly nationally/internationally. It should be simple and sophisticated.

Some wider research added to Pinterest

The design process:

I started sketching ideas. I had an idea of making a hipsters face with the hair having food elements and the beard beverages like a line of bottles. Through the illustrator drawing process, I tried outlines only and a version in black silhouette. I discovered that adding the food and drink icons would clutter the logo and go against the brief by making it complicated. I, therefore, decided to add yellow to the tip of the beard, letting this representing barley/beer/whiskey/bread.

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