Learning Activity – Colour Theory – Week 07

Question 1
Research and written assignment

  • Having watched the video with Nigel French – describing, in my own words, what each of these colour systems means: RGB and CMYK.

RGB is an additive colour system where light with the colours red, green and blue are mixed in various ways to create a wide range of colours and adding colour leads to white. The colours the eye sees in nature is reflected lightwaves and therefore RGB reproduces these impressions fairly well.

When colours are printed we usually choose the CMYK system. This is based on pigments/ink and the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) are mixed, creating a wide range of colours. CMYK is a subtractive colour system, where adding more colour leads to black. The systems are not completely interchangeable, and some loss of saturation and vivid colour may occur when changing from RGB to CMYK.

  • I made use of Adobe Colour and developed four different colour schemes.
    • Monochromatic
    • Complementary
    • Triadic
    • Analogous

Question 2
Practical assignment

  • Used a colour photo of my own choice and created the following colour effects (as per Nigel French’s video)
  • Created a fluorescent duotone
  • Applied a monochrome look
  • Split toning of the image (Image devided into red, green and blue toning)
  • Freestyle: Create a colour effect of my own choice (coolfilter 80)

Question 3
Practical Assignment

  • Designed a book cover

I decided to make a book cover for “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I was asked to use secondary colours to express naivety, honesty and harmony. I made a few examples. Firstly, I chose a romantic typeface, Edwardian Script ITC, for the title and Myriad Pro for the author’s name. I made the colour scheme using Adobe colour wheel. I played around with these elements in Illustrator and also edited the photo differently i Photoshop.

Secondly, I made a more grapthic version, using the same pallet, but this time changing the title font to Stencil.

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