Learning Activity – Create a Wireframe – week 20

Checklist for the functionality for hedviglien.com

  • Get a good brief

Make a simple but effective web page for my creative work and history.

  • Before designing anything, work out a website architecture or wireframe

I will make a low fidelity wireframe using pen and paper for this wireframe. The reason behind this, is the simplicity of the site and it’s creative nature. I want to explore methods of making the site interesting and user friendly.

  • Get to know the company and client. Info about company history, brand, size, staff and locations

Www.hedviglien.com is a website functioning as a portfolio and information site for my work. I studied animation and art in Great Britain, worked a few years in the animation industry in London and have since moved home to my family farm, combining creative work with farming. The web page focuses on my creative work.

  • Goals of the new site

The web page must provide the client and internet user with clear and to the point information about my work and capabilities.

  • In-house requirements. How will the client manage the site

I will manage it myself using Dreamweaver

  • Hosting, support & maintenance

I will host it at One.com and do all the support and maintenance

  • Functionality: Don’t make the user think

Everything must be clear and simple. Direct links, simple design.

  • Make sure that you test everything

I must test the site at different ratios and browsers.

  • Problems you are facing

Learning the software.

Creating the wireframe for hedviglien.com

Sketches for my wireframe

The webpage will have a navigation bar, a bottom icon list and top logo staying fixed throughout the site. The design concept will stay roughly the same on all pages with images and information mainly placed at the right side of the page and scrollable. The headders will be placed on the left.

In the portfolio section, the word portfolio will stay fixed and the category will change for each new project. So will the info and images. These will be scrollable.

The background image will change for each main page.

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