Learning Activity – Pace and Contrast – week 10

I will compare the pace and contrast between the on-line and the printed version of A-magasinet.

The printed version of the magazine keeps the rhythm using repetition like same fonts throughout, while also snapping images and text to most of the guides provided. The pages are all recognizable as A-magasinet content.

The designs pace is kept nicely in balance between readability, familiarity and surprise. If we look at the middle image, the photo is spread across from the right page into the left. The collum lines are kept even if there is no text, thereby echoing the other pages. A background colour gives the third example a little twist. And lastly, the add is different, yet similar enough to keep the flow of the pages uninterrupted.

The web page version of A-magasinet has the same fonts and shares some design features with the printed version. However, the design is here meant for interaction. Firstly we have a front page with all the articles. When we visit the pieces, the design is kept mainly the same by the use of fonts and images. The contrast in the headline and primary photo placement makes each article unique yet recognisable. The text is placed similarly in a single collum, broken into smaller pieces by photos and illustrations. This design lets the eye travel easily and gives the article a variety of elements to keep the viewer interested.

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