Exam – inspiration

My brief is to promote the 30th anniversary of the rock band Moys. I will make a music video for the song «Røde fasan av gull», make a logo and a brand identity. This will form the foundation for a promotion campaign for their anniversary, using social media to gain attention.

Here is some inspiration:

I saw this and loved it. I thought perhaps I could make iconic representations for all the band members

Here is a different approach

I also thought about adding the instruments.

Doing research looking for one thing, often leads to different ideas from the original, which is great. I always loved the use of lights and smoke, like in this image of Coldplay.

The leap from the Coldplay image to this one is not huge. Neon and effects. One colour. Black backdrop.

Now this is interesting, isn’t it?

An other take on the same concept and brand.

I love this. How it hints at a shape, a mask. Love the neon effect.

I like this too. I want to go for neon and masks.

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