CA07 – Photoshoot, Awareness Campaign


A 21 is an organisation working to end human trafficking. They
want a poster for an awareness campaign targeted at Norwegians.
The campaign needs to change the subject’s attitude and
inspire action. The photo should communicate and dominate
the poster.

Human beings evolved, forming groups with strong bonds within,
making survival easier. However, other groups could become
a threat to their existence. This biological tendency to form
groups can lead to a lack of empathy for people foreign from
us. An awareness campaign against human trafficking needs to
create a familiar feeling of wanting to protect those in our group
who need protection, like children.

My poster is an image of an emotional boy, the main focus
being the eyes. I believe the photo I ended up with communicates
well. The text and the hand add to the message without
dominating. I think Norwegians would recognise a familiar face,
leading to thoughts of how trafficked children in other places
also are loved, missed and vulnerable.

Web research and Sources awareness-campaigns/ editorial-assignment/

Initial thought process




Final Product

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