Diamond Awards – Motion Design Project, part1


Diamond Awards
Diamond Awards is an annual award show where Noroff students are honored with category nominations and prizes, based on the work they have produced during their studies. Diamond Awards needs an animated opening title sequence.

Goal and visions
The title sequence will present Noroff’s courses in an exciting way. It should end with the Diamond Awards logo, preferably animated. Audio should also be included in the title sequence (be sure to use audio in a legal manner by obtaining the necessary rights).The categories presented at the Diamond Awards are:

  • Graphic Design
  • Film Production
  • 3D Design and Animation
  • 3D Games
  • Sound and Music Production
  • Technical Design DAK 2D/3D
  • Digital Marketing
  • Frontend Development
  • VFX – Visual Effects

Market and target group

  • Students and teachers of Noroff
  • Invited guests, mainly visiting from creative businesses

Ideas & thoughts

This short title sequence/ad is a maximum 30 sec long. I think an idea could be to present each category with short films with the titles within the shot using aftereffects. The diamond logo with a swirl through the scene in a 3D design and help transition into the next category. It all will end in the final logo and text «Diamond Award».

Research & preparations

I have worked with After Effects since the late 90s, so this is a package I am familiar with. Coming from an animation background, this project speaks to my heart and I would love to have fun with it. I did the tutorial on After Effects essentials thoroughly in order to refresh my memory and gain new skills. I love it!

I found this site helpful as inspiration: 5 Notable Cross-Platform Campaigns From Major TV Award Shows. I especially found the «We are Music» helpful.

I want to give the logo a 3D treatment and a flare of the Oscars, bringing some bling and style to the award. Given the name of the award, it should sparkle.


Test render of Diamond

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