Lesson Task – Typography – week20

Typography is arranging type making the written language accessible and beautiful when displayed.

Typography is not the font itself or fonts used as a display feature. Typography enhances the text and content.

A case study


Lora is a contemporary serif font. While it certainly gets the job done in terms of helping website visitors read through a lot of content, the unique brush strokes at the character end give this particular font a more artistic vibe than other serifs. 

As such, it works really well in the paragraph text of news and entertainment websites, like FOX News, The Kitchn, and Urban Dictionary.

Document your day in graphics, a little selection:

A fairly simple design using sans serif bold font. The bright colours grab your attention.

I thought the logo was hand-drawn, but having looked at it a bit, it looks like a sans serif font called Hypatia.

Sans Serif. A great poster! Works so well! The traditional mix of caps locks sans serif in the credits section, making it a light great block at the bottom. All focus is on UP.


I did this tutorial:

Layout for a Newspaper

A double spread magazine page

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