Lesson Task – Front cover – week 21

Question 1

Practical assignment:. Your task now is to make a cover (a front page) for your very own magazine.

  • I choose the style New Simplicity, which feels related to the Swiss style. I will mainly draw inspiration from film posters, so it will be a very spesific style.
  • I will call my magazine «the Hedvig Lien review»
  • I will use an image from a film on the front cover. Maybe Dune.
  • The cinematic theme will represent me as a person.
  • It will be a monthly magazine about interesting shows and films. Maybe games as well.


I love movie posters. Here are three I really enjoy. They all use the swiss style.

I also like this article, comparing modern posters to classic counter parts.

My Magazine Cover

Question 2

Presenting and discussing (half a day – 4 hours)

I added my magazine to the forum for discussion.

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