Lesson Task – Front cover – week 21

Question 1 Practical assignment:. Your task now is to make a cover (a front page) for your very own magazine. I choose the style New Simplicity, which feels related to the Swiss style. I will mainly draw inspiration from film posters, so it will be a very spesific style. I will call my magazine «theFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Front cover – week 21»

Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design -week 21

This week I finalized my design. I started the week by reviewing my layout. My first magazine layout can be seen in a flippable version here, and as jpegs here: Front and back pages I have tried different images for the front page, and I am still unsure about the final decision. I wanted aFortsett å lese «Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design -week 21»

Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design – week 20

This week I will make a mood board, brief strategy and concept, as well as the main design concepts. My brief strategy: «Better the World» is a magazine aiming to inspire awareness and change. Therefore, I want to make a front page that grabs attention and indicates the magazine’s content.The images should be beautiful asFortsett å lese «Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design – week 20»

Sketching Techniques – week 19

The printmaking terms Aquatint: An etching technique that creates printed areas of colour.  It is an intaglio printmaking technique, a variant of etching that produces areas of tone rather than lines. It is therefore traditionally used in combination with other methods to create the lines and detail. Chine-collé: The process of attaching one piece of paper to another by using glueFortsett å lese «Sketching Techniques – week 19»

Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design

Week 19 Brief: A foreign publishing house plans to publish a new magazine and has contacted you to do the project. They know what the magazine will be about and they can provide you with finished articles. They just do not have any visual idea or strategy for the magazine itself. Your job is toFortsett å lese «Course Assignment 05 – Magazine Design»

Design of two post cards – week 18

Brief: Design two postcards. Each with one piece of advice that you would give a first-year Graphic Design Student. You are welcome to make more if inspiration strikes. All graphics and text must be your own. Advices I chose: Any idea can work if well done, so love your ideas. and No idea is original,Fortsett å lese «Design of two post cards – week 18»