Semester Project 2 – Festival

Interpretation of the task

For this project, we should create graphic designs for a local baking festival. Gol has two festivals already, so they are the main competition and also reference points. The festival needed a program and a range of products.

Concept and Target

A baking festival in a town like Gol should appeal to adults wanting to learn more about baking and share the baking enthusiasm. It should also include the family and create excitement for all members. Fortunately, there is no festival during the winter, so I chose February and valentine weekend. I want a fun design that lights up the cold and dark winter.

My idea for the festival is to create a fun and inspiring event in the middle of the winter. I want colours, designs and products to be a celebration for baking.

Achieved Action

I made a logo based inspired by fireworks using baking icons. I chose a fun font combined with a heavy sans serif typeface.
The logo inspired the rest of the design.

I think the colours evoke feelings of festival and fun. I also think it appeals to children and adults.

I like my products, and I think they do the job. However, if I had more time, I would probably add more activities for children.

I used vector baking objects found in Adobe Stock Photos. I would probably make them myself if time allowed, but I do like them the way they are.


Gol has two festivals alreaddy. Goldagane and Fårefestivalen. They take place during summer and autumn. A baking festival wouldn’t have direct competion and would problably more likely give the town a welcommed event during the cold winter.

There are a few festivals for baking around the world, and I had a look into those.


I wanted the logo and the products to be a celebration. Fireworks and colours and explotion of objects.


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