CA04- Product advertising

For this project, we should produce an advertising A2 poster for Gågaten. Then, using photography and graphic elements like typography and a logo, we should do shopping at this locating appealing. We should combine nighttime photography with product photography and make people want to go shopping. I am pleased with my product photo of theFortsett å lese «CA04- Product advertising»

Mastering the Art of Product Photography – week11

Important to the craft: Lighting: Set up the lights in order to create no or hardly any shadow. Make sure colours or surroundings are not reflected in the object. Use soft lights. Setting: Use a white background or box, to avoid any distractions away from the object. Object: It must be clean and spotless. CameraFortsett å lese «Mastering the Art of Product Photography – week11»

Applying Philosophy to Design 1 – Practical Assignment – week10

In the last week of our graphic design history studies, we were asked to design a poster for a humanitarian cause we care about, using the Modernist style.My cause is global warming. Saving the planet is by far the most crucial issue of our time. Without a place to exist, we have nothing. I decidedFortsett å lese «Applying Philosophy to Design 1 – Practical Assignment – week10»

Analysing the use of Design Fundamentals – week 10

In this image, the illustrator has used mainly two colours; blue covering most of the illustration and orange being the accent. The child is almost centred and draws attention to it. It borrows from Disney and children’s illustrations. Beauty plays a massive part in this illustration. The hair is flowing in the water, the placementFortsett å lese «Analysing the use of Design Fundamentals – week 10»

Focusing on Design With A Conscience – Theoretical Assignment – Week 10

Sheppard Fairey Background From Wikipedia: «The Barack Obama «Hope» poster is an image of Barack Obama designed by artist Shepard Fairey. The image was widely described as iconic and came to represent Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.[1][2] It consists of a stylized stencil portrait of Obama in solid red, beige and (light and dark) blue, withFortsett å lese «Focusing on Design With A Conscience – Theoretical Assignment – Week 10»

CA03 – Design History – Folded Leaflet

The task was to present recent graphic design history in an innovative brochure style, designed for a graphic design student’s use.I wanted the booklet to lay flat on a table or floor, having the pop-ups instantly show the era’s design. I wanted it to be a direct and fun form of communication.I think I achievedFortsett å lese «CA03 – Design History – Folded Leaflet»

Marian Bantjes vs Swiss Style – week 9

The use of the computer combined with different media «When I worked at Digitopolis, I was working almost entirely on the computer, basically the computer and with photography. And now I am using a wide variety of materials, sometimes still involved with a computer and sometimes just with the materials themselves. But having a spaceFortsett å lese «Marian Bantjes vs Swiss Style – week 9»

Late Modernism – Swiss Style- week 9

Research on the Swiss International Style The Swiss style, also called the International style, originates in the 20s in the Netherlands, Russia and Germany. It continued developing through the 30s and 40s, but it blossomed thoroughly in the 1950s. It aimed to be objective and free, focused on the message. The style uses photography combinedFortsett å lese «Late Modernism – Swiss Style- week 9»