Lesson Task – Graphic Design History – week 8

The Bauhaus In 1919 the architect Walter Gropius founded The Bauhaus in the city of Weimar. Its core objective was to reimagine the material world by combining all the arts. Gropius explained this vision in the Proclamation of the Bauhaus (1919), combining architecture, sculpture, and painting into a single creative expression. Gropius created a craft-basedFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Graphic Design History – week 8»

Lesson Task – Preparing for Brand Development -week 7

Brief: Write, in detail, the following about your client from the previous lesson task (A Personal Survey): Attributes Vision and mission – Making music standing the test of time Key products or services – list these in detail: Singels and albums Key competitors – list three: Competitive advantage: originality Key stakeholders Value proposition Target marketFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Preparing for Brand Development -week 7»

Lesson Task – A personal survey -week 7

I chose to interview Henning Bergersen for this task. Henning Bergersen is a musician. He has been part of the band Moys for years, as well as making his own music. I asked him, what his artistic goals are, and he told me he wants to make music that stand the test of time, moreFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – A personal survey -week 7»

CA02- Farm Fresh to you

Farm Fresh to You is an American based company that will start selling its product in my area. It wants a new logo and brand design tailored to local needs and the market. Concept and Target The company’s goal:Selling locally produced fruits and vegetables from fields to doorstep.How to achieve this goal:Creating a pleasant design,Fortsett å lese «CA02- Farm Fresh to you»