CA – 01 Design for Screen 2

We were supposed to create a webpage for a fictitious company getting rid of plastic maritime pollution. The webpage should have an infographic on the homepage as its primary focus. The rest of the website was of less importance. We should create all the content ourselves.

The website’s goal and how to accieve it:

The website’s goal is to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans. To achieve this goal, I created a userfriendly website that makes it easy for the user to
Additional points to the list:
User persona: Hopefully, everyone. But most likely, a young
adult who is aware of the situation and wants to help. Probably a
person with medium/higher education and an idealist at heart.
The person will probably be busy with work and family, so all
information has to be to the point and quickly accessible. But the
site also wants to reach people outside the idealist group.
So it should cater to children/young and grandparents.

So the website needs to do two things:

Give the idealist information regarding action and
solutions and educate people to create more idealists.

Achieved Action:

I achieved my goal of making an informative and exciting infographic.
I added some more information further down the page
and used bootstrap’s modal to create a layover with solutions. I
was going to split the screen into the negative current situation
and the hopeful future. But I decided it wouldn’t work well on a
mobile device. With more javascript knowledge, I could create
more changing content on clicks.
Please note that I didn’t make the pages listed in the navigation
but focused on the home page.

Web research

Analysis and sketches:

The plastic pollution problem is a depressing subject. It is heavily overwhelming and so vast, solutions seem impossible to achieve. Therefore I wanted to create a page that gives hope and tools governments, industries, and people can use. I only filled the home page with content, but the navigation structure gives the general idea of how I would do the rest of the pages.

Design and concepts:

Actual site:

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