Lesson task – the Components of Visual Identity – week 6

Getting to grips with the components of visual identity Name the three most important components of visual identity. Logo Colours Typograpy Describe the difference between logotype and signature. The logo is the trademark of the brand, the signature is personal and a name, written as approaval. Using Kuler create a colour scheme (using only threeFortsett å lese «Lesson task – the Components of Visual Identity – week 6»

Lesson Task – A Knack for Names -week 6

Activity: Consider the tips on Inspiration given in your prescribed book and create a name for an ice cream. The ice cream has a range of different flavours, but the unique aspect it should communicate is the fact that it is the coldest ice cream in existence. Now come up with five name options for this product (you shouldFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – A Knack for Names -week 6»

Lesson Task – Acquainting yourself with the work process -Week 5

Consider the different steps in the work process and answer the following questions in writing: Conduct researchExamples: Find similar products, companies and brands. Analyse their strategy. Google is useful for this. Find the target group and analyse it. May also do a questionaire. Find out what your client is looking for. Define the budget. ClarifyFortsett å lese «Lesson Task – Acquainting yourself with the work process -Week 5»

Building a Mobile-Friendly Website – week 4

Brief: Write a detailed brief. (You may use a real client or a fictional one) Use the information from the brief to build a wireframe for the website Choose a WordPress theme for the website Customise the WordPress theme to fulfil the specific needs of the client Make sure that the site works on bothFortsett å lese «Building a Mobile-Friendly Website – week 4»

CA – 01 Design for Screen 2

We were supposed to create a webpage for a fictitious company getting rid of plastic maritime pollution. The webpage should have an infographic on the homepage as its primary focus. The rest of the website was of less importance. We should create all the content ourselves. The website’s goal and how to accieve it: TheFortsett å lese «CA – 01 Design for Screen 2»