Building a Website From Start to Finish – week 3

Brief: Write a detailed brief for your website Create a wireframe according to the brief Draw some sketches to plan your design Build a working website according to these specs Website Brief Wireframe The subject matter is of the heavy sort, dark and tragic. To give information about the current situation without breaking someone’s spirit,Fortsett å lese «Building a Website From Start to Finish – week 3»

Coming Up With a Strategy – week 2

Brief: Set up a meeting with a business owner and ask him/her what he/she would want from a website. Also ask him/her what the business strategy is and how the website would fit into it. Then write a detailed document about this. I would like you to use the information from this document and createFortsett å lese «Coming Up With a Strategy – week 2»

Creating a brief – Week 1

What is the client’s service/product? Plastic Pollution Awarness What are their requirements? Plastic pollution has a mayor impact on our Marine Life. Your job is to create an interactive website for a fictive Non-profit foundation that raises awareness around this. You will need to create your own graphics and text to avoid copyrighting infringement.The mostFortsett å lese «Creating a brief – Week 1»