Learning Activity – Customise a WordPress Site – week 33



Take your theme that you have installed on your hosting account and customise it as per this module. Then I want you to find some WordPress hacks that you can use to customise your website even further. The main thing with this project is to not just do things for the sake of doing them. I would like you to explain the tweaks that you have made and your reasoning for adding certain features.

To be honest, the course has so far given me an overwhelming amount of possibilities for creating websites. To simplify my learning, I’ve decided to focus on which outcome I need for my designs and projects rather than mastering everything equally. Therefore, I watch all tutorials and read the articles to get an overview of what’s available for me. I discovered I love coding, and I want to go deeper into the different elements, but I try to keep it simple for now.

This week we learned more about the WordPress possibilities, and I have customized my web page further. It is just a test page.

You will notice that it is very minimal at this point in time. I need to make sketches and ideas for how I want it to display and which elements I need. I want to move my blogging to this new site once I’m satisfied.

Site so far:

I used the theme twenty-nineteen as a base. I added the following plugins:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam, but not yet activated
  • Robo Gallery to display my gallery of work
  • Gutenberg to get the new block editor
  • WPForms Lite to create a contact form

I have randomly chosen images and a logo, but this will be changed before finally launching it.

I have linked to this blog in the menu.

I know I’ve only just started customizing the site. I have not yet made a custom theme myself, but this I will look into.

Using a WordPress tool in web design will be extremely useful, especially as the customer can continually update the web page.

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