Learning Activity – Working with WordPress Week 32

Brief: Firstly you need to download and install* WordPress. Then publish it to your web hosting account. Create a subfolder if you wish to avoid conflicts with previous websites. *Most hosting companies have the option to install WordPress directly. Look into that for your specific hosting company.After all the “admin” is complete, you can startFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Working with WordPress Week 32»

Learning Activity – Point of Sale – week 31

All through these weeks of design, I’ve had a clear idea of promotion and point of sale. The footprints and banners bring the customer into the shop, through it and towards the product. Taking my existing elements combined with Adobe Stock Photos, I created an elegant and simple point of sale. I created a BrandFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Point of Sale – week 31»

Learning Activity – Packaging – week30

Practical assignment (creative problem solving) Brief: Using the logo you created in Week 1 and the brochure you designed in Week 2, think about your brand and design packaging for your product. Remember that you can decide about the detail of your product. Is it dog biscuits, meat products in a tin, dry pellets orFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Packaging – week30»