Learning Activity – Illustration, Infographic and Brochure – week 29


«Practical assignment (observation and analysis)

Use the logo you created in Week 1 and design a brochure for your product. You may use any format you like, just make sure that the format is in line with and adds to your logo design. Your brochure must contain an illustration. This could be the infographic alone, or it could be the infographic and the rest of the brochure (in other words, the entire brochure may be illustrated if you’d like).When designing the brochure and creating your illustration, make definite use of the fundamentals of visual language as discussed in this lesson. 
You must illustrate an infographic and design a brochure:

1. Illustration of infographic

The brochure design and infographic illustration should work together. Consider the format and style of your brochure and illustrate an infographic using fictitious data (or you could do research to get a better idea of actual statistics). The infographic must display the nutritious benefit of your product to dogs. It should contain the nutritional value, as compared to the necessary nutrition intake of dogs. It must also give an indication of consumption per size of dog. You may also add information of your choice that you think is relevant.

2. Design of brochure

Design a brochure that introduces your product and includes the infographic illustrated in Question 1. You can decide on the information and format of your brochure. As a guideline, consider a brochure of A4 (lying), folding to A5 (standing). You don’t have to have more than four pages in your brochure (but it depends on your design and style). You must base your brochure design on the design of your logo. Thus, look at your logo and design a brochure that complements and blends in with it.«

Initial thought process:

My logo has a silkscreen look, and therefore, I need to bring this into the brochure’s design. I also need to incorporate recycled and eco-friendly ideas. The brochure should be printed on recycled white paper.

I want the infographic to contain delicious photos of the dog foods ingredients. I’ve collected examples in Pinterest of good and bad designs. The design should appeal to the owner, almost wanting the food themselves. It should also give the impression the brand has the dog’s and the environment’s well being in mind in every step of the production. The tagline will be:

«– Let us love your dog too»

The challenge here is to mix crisp photos and modern design with the old fashioned silk screen aesthetic. One method could be to have the pictures as a background and the graphic elements seemingly printed on top of these. I could have the graphic elements on paper appearing to be torn and placed on top of the photos, or the edges of the photos could be torn.

Having done some research online, e.g the Wellness brand, I decided to focus the brochure on adult dog food and leave the ideas for different designs for different age groups for next week and the packaging design.

I decided to steal information from Royal Canin to have some textual content. I must add that I love how this web page’s design is entirely in line with the logo’s aesthetics. I love black and white pictures with red objects and no background. The fonts complement the logo and are kept in the same black and red.

I decided to use the brown paper I want for my packaging as a feature for my front and back pages of the brochure.

For the middle pages I decided to use fun, vibriant colours. It suits the puppy food.

Here is my concept:

I am a little concerned regarding the brief and my work: «The infographic must display the nutritious benefit of your product to dogs. It should contain the nutritional value, as compared to the necessary nutrition intake of dogs.»

Maybe this answers it satisfacory?

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