Mandatory Assignment – Studio Shooting – week 24


«A new internet radio station needs an advertisement. This will be used on various public transport platforms as well as on the internet platform on Spotify. Additionally they want studio pictures of one or more people. It’s up to you how you would like to create it and print it. Keeping mind that it needs to attract new listeners and create interest in the radio station. You get to choose between three different radio stations.

  • Norwegian Culture and Politics: Debate, feature articles, interviews and excerpts from events.
  • Humor: Old classic humor like Monty Python and Fleksnes. Focus on 60-70 classics.
  • Music: Independent «up and coming» artists operating in the genres; electronica and indie. 

You are free to choose your model, but it’s vital to the assignment that the person gives consent to the photo shoot, and agrees that the pictures may be published. To ensure this is done correctly, fill out the contract in your weekly plan under Mandatory assignments«


I chose to make advertisement for a humor radio station.


A visual style that immediately comes to mind, is Terry Gillingam’s animations for Monty Python. I went online, and found lots of images and created a pinterest page.

The main visual concept in this type of art is cut outs, collage, body parts and mixed media. My idea was to take the 70s estetics and introduce a contemporary touch.


I then found a photo from the web and made a prototype in Photoshop:


Finished products:

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