Learning Activity – Planning the Structure -week 25

Brief: Create the structure of your web page (from Learning Activity – Put Thought Into Your Design) in terms of HTML files and folders. You need to set these up so that you are ready to code your website. First use a pen and paper to do your planning; then do it on the computerFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Planning the Structure -week 25»

Mandatory Assignment – Studio Shooting – week 24

Brief: «A new internet radio station needs an advertisement. This will be used on various public transport platforms as well as on the internet platform on Spotify. Additionally they want studio pictures of one or more people. It’s up to you how you would like to create it and print it. Keeping mind that itFortsett å lese «Mandatory Assignment – Studio Shooting – week 24»

Learning Activity – Studio Lighting -week 23

Written Assignment Name three lighting sources and their functions. Name two light modifiers and explain the difference between them. Draw a diagram of and describe the three-point lighting setup. Lighting sources: Flash: This is a light that comes on at the moment the photo is taken. A flash can be the one the camera isFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Studio Lighting -week 23»