Mandatory Assignment 05 – HTML and CSS- week 22


«A restaurant noticed that their customers use their website frequently. The customers use the website to find contact information, book a table and also see what is being served. The restaurant is considering investing more in catering and takeaways. Because of this they want to design an online menu to add to their website. The menu should function on various screen platforms (from desktops to mobile phones). The look of the menu should be well designed and appealing. Select one of the menus from the attachment (pizza or sushi). The menu should be presented as a web page, coded using HTML and CSS. You can use your own images and graphics and rearrange the text if you prefer.The emphasis should be on idea, typography, aesthetics and style


I went online to search for pizza menus:

Peppes Pizza

The design is classical and to the point. It is scalable down to a certain point

Cirkle K:

Cirle K image based. Scalable


.Scales well

Pizza Hut:


Other designs:

I like the black board feeling some of these give. I think I will go for the italian feeling with flour, tomatoes, basil and black board/chalk.


Wireframe in Illustrator:

Working in Dreamweaver:

Finished page:

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