Learning Activities – Print Preparation – week 13

Creating a print checklist and a dummy magazine

This weeks learning activities involved watching two tutorials, doing the exercises and creating a checklist and a magazine. Below is my checklist.

I watched through the tutorials and implemented the learning activites into my dummy magazine creation. I was told to use two spot colours. I chose Pantome 021C and 2612C which are a vibrant orange and purple. The rest of the colours are CMYK.

The magazine should contain at least 10 pages, and that’s what mine is. It consist of a content page and one example article. The text is place holder and the images are Adobe stock photos. If printed I’d use full resolution images. I have created a front and back page using spot colours and an image I composed in Photoshop. The purple colour used in the background is Pantome 2612C.

When making my magazine layout I choose to use Nigel French’s guides and set up.

I implemented spot colour techniques from Claudia McCue.

I created a rich black for the dummy article’s headline, though the black areas are probably too small to need it. But for the sake of the excercise, I did it anyway.

I did a Preflight to check for errors. When making my own print Preflight, noticed 16 errors. I realized one of them was spot colour, which I had forgotten to set to 2 spot colours. Two errors were proportional images that I fixed, and the rest was the resolution, due to the use of stock photos. Some are also in a RGB colour space, something I didn’t choose to fix now.

When all done, I created a PDF and packed the Indesign file according to the instructions in the tutorials. Linked images and all included. The brief for this LA told me to load it up here, but it is too large. I would additionally discuss paper quality and binding options with the printer, but I would probably go for perfect binding and 90 GSM – magazine paper.

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