Learning Activities – Print Preparation – week 13

Creating a print checklist and a dummy magazine This weeks learning activities involved watching two tutorials, doing the exercises and creating a checklist and a magazine. Below is my checklist. I watched through the tutorials and implemented the learning activites into my dummy magazine creation. I was told to use two spot colours. I choseFortsett å lese «Learning Activities – Print Preparation – week 13»

Learning Activity – Pace and Contrast – week 10

I will compare the pace and contrast between the on-line and the printed version of A-magasinet. The printed version of the magazine keeps the rhythm using repetition like same fonts throughout, while also snapping images and text to most of the guides provided. The pages are all recognizable as A-magasinet content. The designs pace isFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Pace and Contrast – week 10»

LA – Exposure Basics – Week 09

After reading the appropriate section in your prescribed textbook From Snapshots to Great Shots, please answer the following questions: Name all the functions / buttons of your camera: Explain how you would set the correct ISO Activate the camera by lightly pressing the shutter realease button Press the ISO button on the top of the camera. UseFortsett å lese «LA – Exposure Basics – Week 09»