Learning Activity – Expressing Meaning – Week06

Here are my three words and an expression of meaning through design, manipulating the typeface. Research and preparation: I made my up my own word, «upple», and did some sketches based on the list of word provided. They are shown in the gallery below. Then I started creating the final desings: My first word isFortsett å lese «Learning Activity – Expressing Meaning – Week06»

Create a logo using Gestalt Principles – week04/05

1. TASK: Look at the following logo and consider the shape, form, simplicity of design and the way it communicates. 2. TASK: In your own words explain what you consider the different Gestalt principles in this logo to be. Describe the logo and justify your answers. Figure-ground articulation: The logo has two levels. The whiteFortsett å lese «Create a logo using Gestalt Principles – week04/05»