Practical assignment (problem solving) Week02

Applying SCAMPER to a teaspoon:

Substitute something: I am replacing the spoon part now, usually made of steel with silicone for a more natural and soft feel. The market would be sensitive people..

Combine it with something else: Adding a fork to the other end could combine the dessert fork with the teaspoon, useful when having a tea or coffee break. It could be marketed towards cafes as a product reducing expenditure.

Adapt something to it: Adding a little hook underneath the handle would allow for it to rest within a large cup without falling into it completely. The hook could be designed to fit the fingers, so it rested well inside the hand. This could also be targeted towards cafes, but also the home market.

Modify or Magnify it: Adding a stand to the teaspoon, it allows for physically impaired persons to feed themselves. It could be marketed towards any disabled person who usually needs assistance. The stand and spoon should be designed in such a way as to be operated by the mouth.

Put to other uses: Making the handle into a hairpin, you could use it to tie up long hair and have the spoon handy for the surprise tea moment. It could be marketed as a gadget.

Eliminate something: Teaspoons end up being thrown away accidentally in cafes and canteens because of their size. Adding length to the handle could prevent this, as it would be more noticeable on the plate and not mixed up with the leftovers. They are marketed towards cafes and canteens.

Reverse or Rearrange it: Must think of something.

Designing a new rice packaging using SCAMPER

Substitute something: Substitute plastic with ricepaper for the portions. Substitute the outer layer with biodegradable packaging/plastic substitute.

Combine it with something else: Combine eco-friendly with practicality.

Adapt something to it: Making a new type of packaging based on portions. For example, individual piece packages made out of rice which dissolves when added into water and washed away when rinsing the rice before cooking

Modify or Magnify it: By using ricepaper, we show how user-friendly and versatile rice is

Put to other uses: Leftovers in the rice production would serve as raw material for the packaging.

Eliminate something: Eliminate waste

Reverse or Rearrange it: By making portion based packaging in desolving material.

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